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 Location Directory

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#1PostSubject: Location Directory    Sat Feb 20, 2016 7:19 pm

BORDERLINE; Inner Section
1.) Iwagakure is an large piece of land, accompanied by the residents, may civilians or shinobi. Located in the north of the gates. Its protected and surrounded by massively tall mountains that range from 100-200 in height and the stone fields creates the best and most beneficial protection of the village.

2.) Harbor is located north-east of the village. The Harbor itself is a boardwalk of sorts, containing countless merchant stores within the side of the road while the bay itself has enough room to fit countless vessels.

3.) Stone Field - The Land of Earth's Stone Fields are located all around the country. It creates the best and most beneficial protection of the village. They are not only for protection of the village, but also a tourist attraction.

4.) Jishintai - One of Iwagakure's 'danger' zones. These fields are bathed by ravaging storms of dust debris produced by the earth minerals. The dust is so thick and high in quantity that an ordinary person can't see past short range distance. The zone often had earthquakes because of the fissure

5.) The Mine - Running from the side of the  volcano, the lava forms endless rivers across a great portion of the land. Previously the farming camps of Iwa, only lava now flows through, in rectangular canals spilling over the South-Western side of the Jishintai. Some explosions of trapped gas can occur from time to time, similar to Fireworks, thus the name.

6.) The Volcano - A massive and active volcano that scars the barren-lands and affects most of the surrounding areas. Truly epic battles can be fought in the center of the volcano, on a basalt island, only mid-range radius, midst a lake of lava.

7.) Tenchijin ⦿ Underground - Through the tunnel with the four paths splitting up leading to four different areas; The Volcano, The Mine, Iwagakure, and Stone Field.

BORDERLINE; Outer Section

8.) Muddy Swamp

9.) Pits -

10.) Stone Field -

11.) Kidorui -

12.) The Mine -

13.) The Volcano -

14.) Tenchijin ⦿ Above -
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Location Directory
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