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 Location Directory

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#1PostSubject: Location Directory   Fri Feb 19, 2016 5:31 pm


[Borderlands]  Woodland Outskirts - Landmarks 1-8

[Village outer walls]  Konohagakure woodlands - Landmarks 9-16


[Inner Village]  Konohagakure no sato - Landmarks 17-24


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#2PostSubject: Re: Location Directory   Sat Feb 20, 2016 11:01 pm


The library is a location where characters can build on self, and world knowledge. Building knowledge helps characters gain advantages in battles by knowing a lists of jutsu and past world history. It is extremely beneficial for characters to read books of all kinds so they can learn the fruits of having knowledge.

It is without a doubt character's will suffer from injuries, and sicknesses that only highly trained professionals can deal with. Most RPC's will be sent to the hospital at times in order to get transplants done, or to get surgery done. Either way, you've come here to rest up, character's can be in a hospital for 2-3 days (real time) depending on the sustained injury.

-Food Shops-
Character's can role-play going in all sorts of venues, by entering a food shop and buying something to it, it can restore character health by certain percentages depending on what you ate. 

-Village Activities-
Engaging in village activities, character's have chances to earn titles that are only unique to them. Village missions can be found in your countries mission boards which are created by your kage, and yourselves. Titles can be limited so you must claim them quickly, and even then they still aren't official because you only have a 24 hr period of getting these tasks completed.
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Location Directory
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