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 Learning Versus & Survival Mode

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#1PostSubject: Learning Versus & Survival Mode   Mon Mar 07, 2016 10:13 am

Versus mode is a compelling element to the Naruto Gaiden forum, players can come here to unofficially role-play as their character's and still benefit from a few systems we have to offer. First on the list is XP, since ranks don't matter here, a player can earn up to 50 XP, and 5,000 Ryo for winning a battle. If an individual should lose, they'll only earn 10 XP and 1,000 Ryo. Another reward for participating in versus mode is that players can earn rare items in some cases, and here's how. What makes versus mode special is that when players come here, they don't get the option of choosing what location they wish to fight in, they must randomly select a battle stage which is done through the dice-roll system. Based on the dice roll, it will tell you if you're able to win a rare item or not. It doesn't matter which player made the dice roll, who ever wins gets to have the rare.

Going further into stages, there will be a directory that discusses each of the locations, because each battle stage will share its pros and cons that benefit both, or one of the players. Finally, players will set their own rules for their matches, but it is strongly suggested everyone participate in what is considered the most mainstream Tier, which is T1 role-play. Please read the list below, this is so you are ensured to win your prizes.

  • If you have won the match, report it to the mission board with a link so the battle can be reviewed.
  • All players will do a dice-roll in this thread for ever time they participate in verses mode. 
  • After the Dice roll is complete, you are free to set up your own rules for your personal battle.
  • Be sure to read the stage directory so you can see all the stages we have. 

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Learning Versus & Survival Mode
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