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 Shinobi data

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#1PostSubject: Shinobi data   Shinobi data EmptyTue Mar 01, 2016 12:29 pm

Shinobi data is a reflection of EVERYTHING everything a player has done. Shinobi data includes mission creations, mission, adventure and event results. Battle records, money, and experience records, and approved submissions. If you think something should be recorded, then add it to shinobi data, anything you find important we will most likely find important as well. Players are to start their own topic with the name of their characters, or any title they wish. Follow the guidelines below as it is a re-cap of already stated information, and things you must do in these updates to make our mods have an easier job.

  • Create a Shinobi data topic with your character name, or a random topic title.
  • Data storage must include links to some things you have done. Such as PVP battles, missions, clan, and jutsu creations, ect.
  • Data must include completed missions (You need to provide a link for this.)
  • Data must reflect spent, and current experience points, and what you spent your points on. 
  • Data needs a record of your spent, and current ryo. You need to tell us what you spent this money on.
  • Shinobi data needs to know of your move lists, custom created jutsu, and clans. 
  • We need to know what jutsu, and items you bought from the RPG shop, or from another character. (provide necessary links)
  • If you learn a jutsu from another role-play character, this must be recorded in your data. (provide a link)
  • A link to your character bio should be in the first post of your shinobi updates.
  • Ranks, and titles needed to be added as well.
  • Anything YOU feel like is very important, or you think I FIND important SHOULD be added to your shinobi updates. Some of these updates will need links, i'll leave it to your common sense to weed out what needs a link or not.
  • Shinobi updates is extremely serious business, it allows us to stay up to date on what you are doing, violating anything by doing illegal acts such as added ryo, or exp not issued by mods will hurt you dearly. 
  • If players see anyone cheating, you are to report them to your admins, or mods.
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Shinobi data
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