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 Experience Points

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#1PostSubject: Experience Points   Tue Mar 01, 2016 7:16 am

An experience point (often abbreviated to Exp or XP) is a unit of measurement used in many role-playing games (RPGs) and role-playing video games to quantify a player character's progression through the game. Experience points are generally awarded for the completion of quests, overcoming obstacles and opponents, and for successful role-playing.


Missions are sorted in six different ranks, S rank (Highest Difficulty level), A rank, B rank, C rank, D rank, and E rank (Lowest Difficulty level)This will all give you experience points depending on the difficulty level you take, all of the missions will state the EXP Points you will earn by accomplishing them. Missions also come along with rare prizes in some cases.


By Battling, There is a standard amount of EXP you will get by battling ANYONE.

•Winning a battle against an opponent of a higher rank will grant you 20 EXP.
•Winning a battle against an opponent of the same rank will grant you 10 EXP.
•Winning a battle against an opponent of a lower will grant you with 5 EXP.
•Losing a battle against any opponent will grant you 4 EXP.

By going on an adventure. If it started as a battle and did not end with a conclusion it still qualifies as an adventure. You can go on an adventure with allies or plan one against opponents, an adventure must be at least of 2 pages long with proper RPing post of a paragraph each. All characters that take part in the adventure earns 5 Experience points per page of the individual's contribution to the adventure thread.

We will aim for the following but that won't be the case. The quality of your posts will be what we base how many experience points to award. If your posts don't meet the checker's expectations, you will probably get lower than what's written below. If you exceed the expectations, you will gain the correct amount as described.

•Two pages will be 10 EXP Points.
•Five pages will be 25 EXP Points.
•Ten pages will be 50 EXP Points.

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#2PostSubject: Re: Experience Points   Tue Mar 01, 2016 7:18 am

 NPC Roles, by taking on random NPC roles for, adventures, or missions for other RP characters, you will earn 30 EXP, with a bonus of of 3 EXP for every post you make.
•Playing NPC roles for events will earn you 60 XP, and 4 XP for every post you make. 
•After creating your biography you need to add EXP Points in your signature and then update in shinobi data.
•Once you gain XP, add them up in your signature. Your shinobi must reflect that you earned these EXP and are fairly keeping track of them.
•Those who are not honest with the total amount of XP they have, meaning if you try to cheat, you will be stripped of all XP, and the current rank you have. You will have to start at the rank beneath it all over again. If you commit another illegal act you will be banned from out site.
•If anything, take your experience points incredibly seriously, they are nothing to be played around with. Mods will be monitoring everyone. 
•Whenever you use, or gain EXP, it must be updated in your shinobi data ALL the time.
•For what is obvious, EXP is used for you to rank, buy techniques, rank techniques and other things.
•You can trade EXP Points with techniques, so whenever or whichever rank of technique you want, you check the required EXP Points and then after subtracting that amount from your total EXP Points you can add that technique to your Bio. (and character jutsu storage) You must meet all the requirements of the technique, you cannot simply get the technique by EXP Points.
•You have to purchase techniques and then train them to be qualified for the skill.
•Helping create general missions which can be found in shinobi alliance mission board are missions any, and everyone can do. It does not discriminate based on clan, creating these missions will earn you 5XP. You can only submit three a week, this means after you've created three you will no longer earn XP, however you will continue to earn 3,000 Ryo for every mission you create.
•Country missions are missions that you help your kages create to take the load off of them. Your Kage's will make it clear to you whether or not your missions are approved or declined. Creating missions for your land will earn you 7,000 ryo, and and 6XP. Creating missions for XP reasons can only be done three times a week, you can still earn your fair amount of ryo. 
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Experience Points
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